Kingmaker – Live in Philadelphia, PA at Chestnut Cabaret (Thanks Sam Habash)

  1. Armchair Anarchist
  2. Every Teenage Suicide
  3. Eat Yourself Whole
  4. Sleepwalking in the Five O’Clock Shadow
  5. (Unknown)
  6. Really Scrape the Sky
  7. Lady Shakespeare’s Bomb
  8. High as a Kite
  9. When Lucy’s Down

Armchair Anarchist

Eat Yourself Whole

Queen Jane

Really Scrap the Sky – Official

Really Scrape The Sky – Live on “The Word”

Really Scrape The Sky – Thanks to Louise Aylward

Ten Years Asleep

When Lucy’s Down

Where You Stand

You & I will never see things eye to eye

5 thoughts on “Video”

  1. Nostalgia on a grand scale. My 18th birthday at the Fleece and Firkin Bristol, I think. I still have the top although my wife doesn’t understand why I keep it!

    What strikes me now that I didnt realise then is that Loz is a stripy sweater away from Where’s Wally.

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