About Kingmaker and this Site

About Kingmaker

Kingmaker were a fantastic band from Hull, England in the 90’s that defied any label beyond being a killer rock and roll act. While their sound contained elements of Brit-pop, Rockabilly, Classic Punk. College Alt-Rock, they never were 100% any of those genres. They were right there on the bleeding edge of stardom, with an NME cover, international tours, bands like Radiohead and Suede opening for them. This site serves as a place of discovery for those who are now learning about Kingmaker, and a place of fond memories and connection for those of us who still get energized when the end of “High As A Kite” comes singing through our speakers. There’s a lot to comment on here, and a lot of people who will appreciate the conversation, so I encourage you to participate.

About Me

My name is Tyler Jacobson and I’m a DJ and Digital Marketer in Denver, CO. In 2001 I started an award winning club night called Lipgloss (named after the Pulp song) which I left in 2009. In 2008 I started another award winning night called Mile High Soul Club, which keeps me very busy. If you’re ever in Denver, please, come check it out and say hello.

On a side note, Kingmaker’s John Andrew was kind enough to collaborate with me on a song in 2014 called “39”. You can hear it and download it below.

I can be reached at the form below. I can get messages to Kingmaker, but don’t ask me for Coming Up For Air, Piss Up  A Rope, Missing In Action or Ersatz Love. I don’t have them and Loz hasn’t re-released them.