5 thoughts on “More classic stubs from Kingmaker gigs”

  1. Was at The Mill, Preston, lived up the road. Elastica supported, Stutter had only just come out. Loz was singing, hanging off a pipe on the roof.

    1. I was also at the Mill gig. I knew there was something in the back of my mind about the singer swinging or hanging from something at one point but I couldn’t remember exactly. I’ve just looked this up because they were just played on 6 Music as part of the chain feature and it was mentioned that Radiohead supported them on some dates but this one was Elastica – which I couldn’t remember!

  2. Didn’t see any of those shows but was at Middlesbrough The Crypt on the same tour. Absolutely awesome, and would love to see them anywhere again. These are ha ha ha hard times – bring back KINGMAKER.

  3. Went to the Hull gig at the famous sticky floored Tower Ballroom. Elastica were all bravado and i already liked them but Kingmaker were something else. listening to Eat Yourself Whole today and very little of it has aged. Not seen any better performances than this, stood on a seat back hanging on to the roof up in the rafters. wish i could go again please!!!!
    Always a favorite!

  4. Was at the Mill gig. Great gig. I remember Loz being proposed to and a fair amount of banter from him that night.

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