Lots of Audio added.

Thanks to Kingmaker fan Chris, we’ve been able to add some material that never made it’s way to a digital format. Check out the Audio page for some rarities from Kingmaker. If you’ve got some rare ‘maker material just lying around – get in touch!

3 thoughts on “Lots of Audio added.”

  1. Superb stuff. Always on the look out for Kingmaker tunes I’ve not heard – a hugely underrated band who released too little stuff (in my humble opinion).

    Here’s to more turning up!


    1. Quality band – great music. would love to see them get back together with Loz and actually finish what they started. There is a gap in the market for a good quality guitar rock type band and Kingmaker fit the bill perfectly.

      I and several of my mates would be regulars at Kingmaker gigs. Come on chaps – get back together and lets see what happens?!?!?

  2. Great band, great tunes. I loved Kingmaker then (and still do now.) There music would be loved today. Come on LOZ get back with the boys to see where you could end up. I know a good few people who would be regulars at kingmaker gigs.

    Come on chaps,


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