Kingmaker MMX – “Armchair Anarchist” & Live date

Kingmaker are back in action… sort of.  A few months ago I got an unexpected recording from John Andrew of Armchair Anarchist, recorded this year by a group entitled Kingmaker MMX – the 2010 version of the band, absent of Loz Hardy.

The Kingmaker MMX lineup is as follows:
John Andrew
– Drums
Myles Howell – Bass and accoustic gutar
Mike Wright – Vox and acoustic guitar
Josh Hubbard – Guitar (from another Hull band – The Paddingtons)
Phil Keech – keys
Bruce Hitchcock – sax

The track was released in September on the compilation Electio Pop. Go ahead and click the Play arrow below to give it a listen.

[audio:|titles=Kingmaker MMX – Armchair Anarchist]

You can catch Kingmaker MMX live in Hull on December 11, 2010.

5 thoughts on “Kingmaker MMX – “Armchair Anarchist” & Live date”

    1. The gig is certainly confirmed, we’ve been practicing for weeks!!

      It’s at the Adelphi in Hull and Jacko won’t do tickets. He will however let anyone in who has £5!!

      John A.

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